The Prints

My prints begin as digital images which I carefully process and prepare until I am confident it is ready for printing to meet the vision I had while making the photograph.

I produce both traditional prints (aka chromogenic prints) and self-printed prints using professional paper and inks.

The matting and backing materials are acid-free in order to protect the print from discoloration. I use all white mats, which I hand-cut, and personally assemble each matted print I sell. I sign each mat lightly in pencil just below the print.

I only offer open-edition prints. I have made this choice in order to be able to offer a more reasonable price to my customers. I would also like to be able to share my work for as long as I live, regardless of how many copies I have sold previously. If you happen to be that "next" customer looking for a copy of a best-selling print I wouldn't be satisfied to tell you that you are out of luck.

The images on this website are purposely of much lower quality than you will receive, mainly for the purpose of protecting the images from theft. Your print will contain more detail than you can see on your computer monitor, and will of course not contain the copyright message that appears online.

Order processing time is about one week after payment is received, although it may be longer. Images may be cropped slightly to fit the dimensions of the print (see below).

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Most of my images can be made into canvas gallery wraps. Many people prefer the look of these kinds of prints over framed prints. Gallery wraps do not have heavy and intrusive glass, and they can easily be made into larger sizes. They have a semi-glossy protective coating that protects the image. I currently have these pieces printed and constructed by a professional photo lab.

Gallery wraps are made using 1.5 inch wooden stretcher bars. This type of print requires no additional framing and is easy to handle as it is lightweight. Gallery wraps require a few extra days to make.

Framing Options
I offer various framing options. The molding style below is the one I offer with my posted prices. If you want a more decorative molding please contact me and we will work together on selecting a frame style (there will be an additional cost). In most cases I can provide a sample image of the final framed print.