The Waning Days of Autumn

It is only the beginning of November, but autumn is progressing quickly.  Not the autumn you find on the calendar (from September to December) but the autumn that is marked by crisp mornings and colorful leaves.

Fall foliage is a funny thing.  You can stand in one spot and see fully green trees, turn and see beautifully colorful trees, and then turn again and see completely bare trees.  There is rarely one day that you say “This is the peak of the fall foliage”.  It is a process that progresses over the course of several weeks starting in October in southeastern Pennsylvania and lasts into November.  Even with the incredible winds that we experienced over the past weekend there are still quite a few trees with colorful leaves on them.

I have written before that I struggle with fall foliage.  I have often made the cliche photos of leaves on the ground, leaves with frost, colorful reflections in the water, etc.  These are fine photos, but these types of photos do not have longevity.  As I walk or drive through the foliage I am “wowed” by the sheer amount of color but I get easily frustrated that I can’t find a composition that moves me.  I find the most attractive photos are ones that include something else, be it a structure or people.  An addition of such elements balances the pure beauty of the trees.

The images below include other elements that add some character.  The color is important, but not the only element of the images.

DSC_0064_5_6_tonemapped-1 DSC_0037-1Full site:  Photography by Matt Schrier

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