Snowy Owls Visit New Jersey

Many people in and around New Jersey know about the unusual visitors from the North.  A handful of snowy owls have taken up temporary residence in the area around Brigantine, Long Beach Island, and the Edwin B Forsythe NWR.  They first appeared in late November, and are still there as of this writing.

When I took my trek down to the NJ shore right before New Year’s eve I headed for the Forsythe NWR which is where I knew a few of the owls were located.  I expected to take a drive around the 6-mile loop and hopefully catch a reasonable glimpse of the owls. I had seen some photos of the owls that were positioned quite a distance from the drive, so I did not have high expectations, especially since I don’t have a long-reach lens like a 600mm.

When I pulled near the entrance of the reserve I saw a crowd of people near the visitor center, and I quickly realized that one of the owls was atop the visitor center.  That’s where I spent the next hour or two, much of it waiting for the owl to do something “interesting”, and playing with angles and the available light to get some different shots.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten these photos, since I have never seen an owl in the wild before, although I’ve heard them many times.

Ruffling His Feathers

You’re Boring Me

Main Site:  Photography by Matt Schrier

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